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In The Woods presents Tape Notes, a new podcast about the art and craft of music production. Hosted by John Kennedy, each episode reunites an artist and producer to talk about the highlights of their collaboration in the studio.
Their conversations lift the lid on every stage of the creative process, from kindling the first spark of a song idea, through decisions on style and instrumentation, to finessing the final product. Full of fascinating anecdotes, the conversations also feature early demo versions and stems from the original session recordings. The result is a unique insight into the working methods of some of the most innovative and exciting talents in music. 
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Bonus Episode - Live @ Signature Brew

In this very special live episode in partnership with AIM, MPG and Transgressive, John is joined by Let’s Eat Grandma’s Rosa Walton and producer David Wrench at Signature Brew to talk about how they wrote, recorded and produced the band’s third album ‘Two Ribbons’.


Taking us back to the album’s very beginnings, Rosa and David chart each song’s development, from early bedroom demos complete with mumble melodies and simple energy building tricks, to lyrics finished on the day of recording and adding surprising instruments that bring that extra glitter to their music.

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